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Maggie Melhorn, MS, RD, LN

About Me
Registered Dietitian

I am the Associate Director of Sports Nutrition for football at the University of Tennessee. I have worked as a sports dietitian for the past 5 years with top collegiate programs including Auburn University, Coastal Carolina University, and the University of Connecticut. While I work solely with the football team at The University of Tennessee, I have helped with Olympic sports programs at other organizations.

My personal experience as a national level swimmer throughout my four-year undergraduate degree has not only allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the challenges of being an athlete, but it has also driven my passion for the field of sports nutrition. As a NCAA Division II individual All-American swimmer, I wish I had been provided with the opportunity to further enhance my performance with the assistance from a sports RD. This lack of expertise during my athletic career is what drives me to not only want to further my knowledge in the field of sports dietetics, but to help other athletes achieve their optimal performance through nutrition.

If you are looking to enhance your performance through diet and nutrition, please contact me to setup a consultation.

Services Provided
Providing Unparalleled Nutrition Counseling
Initial Consultation
Lets' Talk

Review discovery questionnaire & create a realistic action plan to achieve desired goals. You will receive nutrition advice that is tailored to your needs, personal oals, exercise regiment, etc.

$ 150.00

30 Minute Follow-Up
Let's Check In

During our follow-up session I answer questions and fine-tune as necessary. This program is best for those who need additional accountability and/or guidance after their initial consultation.

$ 40.00

Initial Consultation, Follow-Up Consultations
I'm All In

Designed for those wanting guidance & more of an individualized plan based on their goals, lifestyle, and dietary concerns. Follow-up sessions include progress discussion and alterations when required.

$ 220.00 / month

What My Clients Are Saying
Chris M.
Aviator Aficionado

I was fat, now I'm not. Thanks, Maggie.

Maria Garcia
Insurance Agent

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Mason Miller
Residential Appraiser

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